Our Pigs

About the Breed


The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig sometimes referred to as 'The Plum Pudding' or 'Oxford Forest Pig' is one of the

oldest traditional breeds in Britain dating back some 200 - 300 years.

The breed has been near to extinction on several occasions and without a few dedicated breeders would

have been lost altogether.

Although some of the bloodlines are now extinct it is hoped with the formation of the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig

Society in the 1980's and the recent addition to the Rare Breed Survival Trust's watch list plus the renewed

interest in pig keeping the remaining bloodlines have a secure future.

The Oxford is an attractive looking pig, light to dark sand background with black blotches (not spots).

It's multi purpose producing succulent meat and excellent ham & bacon. Hardy, docile making it an ideal

outdoor and first time keepers pig.

Our Pigs


Our pigs, known as the 'Suntrap Herd' are traditionally reared and free range, living outside in arks all year round.

Only the sows come into the barn a few weeks before they are due to give birth, the piglets stay indoors with

the sow until they are strong enough to move outside with her, usually after two weeks depending on the time

of year and weather conditions.

They have wallows during the summer to help keep them cool or they benefit from the shade in their woodland

habitat. We do not ring our pigs thus leaving them free to root and forage nor do we castrate the males.

Their feed is based on natural ingredients with no added growth promoters.

When we can we supplement their diet with fresh fruit and vegetables which we grow ourselves,

apples are also a good bribe when loading and moving pigs!

We believe a varied diet,being raised in a natural stress free environment and  handled

with care and consideration all helps to enhance the flavour of the meat.