Hi since I last wrote we have had three new litters, two were born in an ark in the woods and one in the barn.

When litters are born in an ark there is always the worry the sow will squash the piglets so we have special farrowing arks.

These have low scaffold poles along the sides for the piglets to escape out of the way and an area at the back which only they can get into.

For the first few days dad puts a low piece of wood across the door so the piglets don't fall out, then when they are stonger he takes it off.

The first litter was born on May Day bank holiday and after a few days they were chasing each other around the ark.

Those that were born in the barn are Mrs Wiggles first litter. In cold weather we use heat lamps to help keep the piglets warm.

Sometimes if a piglet is very small it has difficulty reaching the sows teats sow we hold them up so they can reach.