Sorry I've not updated sooner but our computers been down.

June was a very busy month, it started with us doing a pig roast at the first Astonbury Music Festival.

The pig roast went down well and we enjoyed the music even if we were busy working, we couldn't stay after we sold out though as we had to get the roaster home to clean as dad had a private pig roast the next day.

Dad had private pig roasts every weekend in June from weddings to a party at Broughton Castle near Banbury.

The markets are busy, everyone wants sausages I think there must be lots of people having BBQs. The other week mum packed over 80kg of sausages as well as all the other meat. We have a new sausage called The Oxford Royal so if you get to one of the markets give them a try.

The Environmental Health came to look at our new packing room at the end of May, they have awarded us 5 stars that's the highest you can get so we are very pleased with that.

The hot weather makes it hard work keeping the pigs watered as we don't have water in the woods it all has to be carried in on the mule, dad is stong enough to carry the water containers to the troughs but mum has to empty the water into the buckets which we then carry to the troughs sometimes it takes 3 bucket fulls to fill them up. It can be very annoying when you've just filled them up and the pigs decide to tip them over.

If they didn't have the shade in the woods we would also have to give them wallows to help them keep cool.

We have a weekend off from markets in July the first one since we moved house in March, we are all looking forward to that but we still have the pigs to look after.