About Us

Coopers Oxford Pork is a small family run business, that is to say Mark, Jane and our two young daughters Rebecca and Chloe, with occasional help from friends and family.

Mark has a farming background as he used to keep Hereford cattle but in 2008 we decided to try keeping rare breed pigs, we chose Oxford Sandy and Black as they have their origins in Oxfordshire.

We started with 5 on our own pastureland in Dorchester on Thames and now have 150 including breeding boars and sows. All are Oxford Sandy and Black.

In 2013 we found we were rapidly outgrowing our land so we rented buildings and woodland at North Farm Shillingford which are owned by the Earth Trust.

We are committed to conserving this rare breed pig, ensuring that their quality of life is the best we can give them.

Eating for conservation may seem a contradiction in terms but this is the only way to ensure this traditional British pig can survive, so we will continue to expand our business so that more people can experience this superior pork..